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Advantages of IFTAK Technique

IFTAK is emerging as an advanced innovative technique for the management of fistula in ano along with betterment in the consequences of conventional method of Ksharsutra therapy. In the present case report, IFTAK (Interception of Fistulous tract and application of Ksharsutra) technique is used in trans sphincteric fistula in ano which showed a great potential in management by minimizing the duration of treatment, mild post procedural pain and minimum scar mark. IFTAK is the most successful treatment modality for fistula in ano and has high success rate and least recurrence rate. It is very easy day care and cost effective treatment with minimum rate of complications as compared to conventional treatment modalities which requires hospitalization

Minimal or No post-operative pain-surgical treatments are associated with a significant risk of recurrence (0.7–26.5%) and high risk of impaired continence (5–40%) . Though the IFTAK is choice of treatment for fistula in ano with number of benefits.

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